The Marina

Spring finds the crew busy in the lake long before the water temps are bearable. Docks around the lake as well as the marina go in, as the summer season draws near. Before the task is completed, the “unpacking” of the boats that have been stored over the winter begins. The shrink wrap comes off, the boats are “summerized” to be certain they are vacation ready.

During the summer season, those docks that Seeley’s Marina cares for are moved in and out with the rising and falling of the lake. Boat slips and buoys are available to rent for the season. The office off 507 directly across from the lake, provides many dock supplies for the community.

In the fall, the process reverses beginning with the boats. Once removed, boats are cleaned, winterized and shrink wrapped. Customers docks are pulled out, and Seeleys docks are pulled and stored. Dock repairs begin.