EZ Dock Systems

EZ Dock systems are the strongest and most stable plastic floating dock systems on the market. The modular dock system can be configured to meet your waterfront vision, allows for later additions, and can be reconfigured as your needs change. At any time you can add PWC lifts, benches, storage or even a roof system.

If you have a wood dock now, you know all about splitting, splinters, raised nails, and rusting hardware- all issues of the past with EZ Dock. Maintenance of your new dock is EASY! Soap and water from your garden hose are all you need to clean your EZ Dock system. From a comfort standpoint, the light color of EZ Dock makes it cooler than sun-baked wood with no splinters or rusty nails, so your bare-footed users will thank you!

EZ Docks are STABLE! The patented flotation design creates suction and compression through hollow chambers on the underside. You will immediately notice the difference when you walk on an EZ Dock. The patented connection couplers allow the sections to move independently under high stress conditions while still providing unified firmness. During its first storm you will appreciate how FLEXIBLE it is.

EZ Dock's polyethylene construction provides outstanding modularity, superb buoyancy, functionality, and safety. That makes for an extremely versatile dock system.

You know what you want, and now Seeley's Marina will help you create it with EZ dock! Call John at 226-4859 to get started. Assistance is available not only for your dock configurations and anchoring, but with local regulations, as well. Just think-THE LAST DOCK YOU'LL EVER NEED!!

What are you waiting for???

Visit the EZ Dock site: EZ Dock

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent stability on water
  • Low to virtually no maintenance
  • Beige “cool to the touch” color
  • Safe, slip resistant surface
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Secure connection couplers
  • Versatile modular design
  • Expandable for future growth
  • Anchoring systems for all conditions
  • Cost Effective
  • EZ Port PWC Lifts
  • Four season accessibility
  • Custom designs available
  • Accessories available
  • Attractive

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